MNJHML Scoring App Instructions


Go to the website:

User Name: your email address (provided to MNJHML in registration form)

Password: Please look at your email for your default password. If you did not receive the email with your default password, please contact Luke Olson at

**email should you not be able to login


Set your Team Name and Add Additional Teams (if necessary):

Click on the Schools menu.

Select your school’s name.

Click the Teams sub-menu.

If you wish to change the name of your team, click Edit. Change the default name given and click Update.

If your school has more than one then you need to add the extra teams by clicking New. Add the Name of your second team and click Update. Repeat for more than two teams. (SSP1 & SSP2 or SJS Red & SJS White are good examples of team names)

Add your Students:

While still in the Schools menu, click the Students sub-menu.

Click New for each student. Enter First Name, Last Name, Gender, and Grade. (notice that Grade defaults to 7. Please change if necessary)

Click Update. Repeat for each student.

After you have enter each of your school’s team names and all your mathletes, you are done with this section for the year. New mathletes can be added later using above method. Or, students can be set to inactive (or deleted entirely) if they drop off the team. Doing so will keep them from showing up in the Rosters tab.


Set your Roster:

Click on the Meet Details menu.

Click on Roster. (this is underlined in blue to left of your Division name.)

Select your school from the dropdown list. (drop down list opens by clicking on small black arrow)

All of your students will initially show up as Alternates. In future Meets, they will retain the same team designation as the prior meet.

Move a student from Alternates to a Team by clicking on the word Alternate found in the same row as the student’s name. This will bring up a selection box.

Select desired Team from the drop down list.

Check the Absent box if a student will not be present for the current meet. This isn’t necessary, but keeps the scoring window cleaner.

Notice that as you move to the next student on the list, the box becomes green. This means your change is not yet saved in database. Click Save Changes (found above headers) anytime you wish to save these selections. You can also move a student from a Team back to Alternate.

Upon saving changes, the student will be moved from Alternate to Team: Your Team Name. This team list is found below the alternates.

Team list can be sorted to top by clicking on the sort arrow within the grey box that says Team. Or scroll down to find our team rosters.

The program should not allow you to enter more than six students per team nor more than four 8th graders.


At this point, the Rosters are set and you are ready for the meet. It is important to note that you will need internet access for scoring. Scoring can happen using a phone, tablet, WIFI connected laptop, and/or wired desktop. You may have multiple people log in using your username and password to help with scoring. Smartphones, especially tablets, work very well for scoring. If you don’t have internet access at the Meet site for scoring, please let the league know and we will find a work around solution. Mobile devices can be used for scoring only.

Log in to using your username and password. (multiple users are allowed under one username).

Smartphones and tablets will go straight to the scoring page.

Laptops and Desktop computers will need to select the Meet Details menu, and then select Score found to left of division name.

All students that are not checked as Absent during Roster setup will appear in the scoring page.

Entering Scores:

Find the student’s name in the list. Tap or click on Test A or Test B score. It should initially be set to NA. Select the score 0 to 14. Click somewhere else in the form, perhaps on the next student to be scored. The grade you just entered will become green. This means it is entered on your screen but not saved to the database. Click Save changes to save the scores you entered. The green boxes will now become white indicating the scores have been logged to the database. That’s it! Students that were properly marked as absent on Roster page, will not show up in Scoring page. Leaving NA as a score will also indicate a student was absent. Sorting for remaining NAs is an efficient way to reduce the list as your score.

To enter team test score, click on the View Team Scores box. Enter scores similar to how you entered scores for students.

Tips for finding students in scoring list

You can sort the list of mathletes on the scoring page by School, Team, Student, Test A, or Test B by clicking on those headers.

Filter for NA (those students not yet score) to see only those students who do not yet have a score entered. That filter is in box under Test A or Test B. Filtering your list for NA will continually shrink the list of remaining students after each Save Changes. Remember to take the TEST A filter OFF when you goto Test B scoring.

To find students faster, you can also filter the scoring list by entering search strings into the boxes under the header row. For instance, to only show a particular team, type a few letters of the team name into the Team filter box. To find a specific student, type a few letters for their name into the Student box. “Jo” will bring up all the Johns and Jones and Johnsons. Typing “John” will show only Johns or Johnsons. You will notice that a blue Clear link appears when any filter is applied. Clicking Clear will eliminate any filters allowing all students to be seen again. You will quickly develop your own system that works best for your division. Entering Scores is a HUGE help for the league. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for taking the extra time to do this. Feedback is encouraged!

Perhaps sorting graded papers by School, and then Team will help the scorer quickly locate and enter the score.

Multiple people can enter scores at the same time. Save Changes and refreshing the browser is necessary to see others entries. Ipads and Tablets work great for scoring. Find parents to help with score entry. They will have fun doing it. You may use your same login credentials multiple times.


Once the Test A scores are entered, you can Select the Meet Details menu and choose Result.

This will launch a new window that initially shows the rankings of teams by total score. Page forward to show top 10 students and each school’s individual results. You can export the results to .pdf or .xls via the tool bar for distribution for analysis.

As soon as Team Scores are entered, the results window can be refreshed to see final meet standings. One division projects these results during the meet to try to add an extra element to the meet. Yes, the students are distracted by this just like a basketball player is by the scoreboard. But, they like it. Give it a try at your meet.

League wide results will be viewable shortly after all meets are completed. Theoretically, as soon as the last meet is scored, the results for the league will be viewable. That functionality is being built as we speak and hopefully will be ready late next week.

Good luck and remember to email with any questions prior to the meet, or feel free to text/call 651-252-1766 during the meet with any live questions/troubleshooting. Good luck!

For questions that might arise during a Meet, please contact Luke Olson at 651-252-1766 for assistance.